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The Scientific Method

I recently had a discussion with a friend of mine (whom I shall call KS) which touched upon various diverse topics, including but not limited to the origins of homosexuality and the concept of alpha males. While a lot of … Continue reading

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History With Sugar On The Side

I would have taken great offence if I had been informed, when I was in school, that the history I was being taught then was sugar-coated to the extent of killing a diabetic patient. While skipping irrelevant details is acceptable … Continue reading

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mah viewzzzz on InTeRnEt slang ………….

I’ve always found internet slang irritating. I don’t see how dropping vowels from words and punctuating incorrectly is “cool” – it seems to indicate the lack of a proper primary education than anything else. Some basic abbreviations are understandable on … Continue reading

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Evolving Perception

Why do we see what we see? It is clear that what we perceive is not the truth – the world is certainly not contained in three dimensions and the book you think is there is not really there. Our … Continue reading

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The New Blogger In Me

My fictitious readers must have surely noticed that I have, recently, with a fresh passion and renewed vigour, re-started blogging. I don’t mean this to be a haphazard demonstration of my fickle persona, but a general trend, my action plan … Continue reading

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The Selfish Gene

One of the recent books I read is ‘The Selfish Gene’ by Richard Dawkins. It has changed the way I think and, in some cases, the way I act. I don’t intend to provide a review here, especially because Richard … Continue reading

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Learning LISP

For the past few week, I’ve been learning LISP on weekends, this being a part of my new ‘Two programming languages a year’ resolution (I plan to learn Haskell later this year and FORTH and Clojure next year). While I … Continue reading

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Do You Really Care?

There are two things that make me puke: bad whiskey and people who pretend to care. I recently bought an iPod Classic, the 160 GiB edition. I could have used that money, the money which I used to buy something … Continue reading

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