Do You Really Care?

There are two things that make me puke: bad whiskey and people who pretend to care.

I recently bought an iPod Classic, the 160 GiB edition. I could have used that money, the money which I used to buy something completely non-essential, to fund the education for an underprivileged kid for a year. I could have used it to save the lives of a hundred toddlers in Sudan who are now, as I write, starving to death. I could’ve used the money to transform the life of kid who was born blind. However, I did not; because I do not care.

People spend too much of their time talking and too less of their time doing. The worst part about this is that it allows some sort of partial self-gratification, leading to even more talking and even less doing. “I talked about how I sympathize, and hence I must’ve helped”, may not the be the immediate conscious thought (at least not for non-politicians), but does seem to the more basic sub-conscious one.

If you can sip coffee in Barista knowing that, as you do so, an eight year old boys begs at a traffic signal and a thirteen year old girl enters prostitution, you cannot possibly care.

We are born selfish, evolution ensures that (I will not delve into further details, please refer to the excellent book “The Selfish Gene” by Richard Dawkins). Selfishness is a fundamental aspect of our psyche, of all our thoughts, of all our actions which shape the world around us – true altruism does not (or, rather, cannot) exist. It is okay not to care – our genes will not let us, eventually. What is not okay is to pretend that you do, because that makes me puke.

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1 Response to Do You Really Care?

  1. Hrish says:

    I’ve been guilty of the same, many times.

    Somebody said – “Motion is Not Action”.

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