The New Blogger In Me

My fictitious readers must have surely noticed that I have, recently, with a fresh passion and renewed vigour, re-started blogging. I don’t mean this to be a haphazard demonstration of my fickle persona, but a general trend, my action plan to keep up the tempo being the following:

  • I shall keep technical posts to a minimum

    Since it is very unlikely that I shall stumble upon a new command line option to aptitude that the world does not know about or prove P=NP in my leisure time, it is better I contain my technical and academic incompetence within myself. I do plan to indulge occasionally though, perhaps when high I’m on Caffeine.

  • I shall keep my posts short and sweet

    No point in saying in two words what can be said in one. Saves my time as well as the (as yet fictitious) readers’.

  • I shall blog impulsively

    For a while I was under the impression that stewing my posts in my head before actually posting them was a good idea. It seems, however, that the cook inside my head does not have a good sense of taste and often overcooks. On every occasion I’ve spent more than a certain amount of time on a single post, I have ended up not posting it. These days, I’ve learned to (partially) remedy this by blogging impulsively and rapidly, which is what I plan to continue doing.

To me, blogging is like writing letters to myself. It sometimes is the best way to distill your thoughts and refine your intellect. There is also a slight possibility of it helping you get laid.

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4 Responses to The New Blogger In Me

  1. sindhu says:

    “There is also a slight possibility of it helping you get laid.”

    Depending on the number of female readers you have that is…might want to reveal us some stats you know.

  2. Jack says:

    Going less on technical posts is weird…please don’t do that.

  3. Abhilash says:

    No more your reader’s are fictitious, especially and exclusively, for the over-cooked non-technical stuff. I loved the ones I read! 🙂

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