mah viewzzzz on InTeRnEt slang ………….

I’ve always found internet slang irritating. I don’t see how dropping vowels from words and punctuating incorrectly is “cool” – it seems to indicate the lack of a proper primary education than anything else.

Some basic abbreviations are understandable on IRC and general chat. Using it on emails and even Facebook, however, is inexcusable. You shaved off 1.33 seconds at the expense of sounding brain-damaged. Yay!

The weirdest thing about internet slang is that it is not always about saving time, some people will spell my as mah; they add an extra letter to make sure they spell incorrectly. If there is a way to be more wannabe, I don’t know what it is.

You may dismiss this as a passing fad, but I think the roots lie deeper. A person sloppy on the keyboard is more likely to be sloppy in other spheres of his or her life as well. I judge people by the way they type – you should too.

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5 Responses to mah viewzzzz on InTeRnEt slang ………….

  1. Sindhu says:

    Disagree with “A person sloppy on the keyboard is more likely to be sloppy in other spheres of his or her life as well.”

    There are some absolutely maniacal Facebook users that I know of with horrible keyboard skills though they are very competent when it comes to career and other things (and these are people I’ve spent time with in a competitive environment). Generalizing is not the answer.

    “I judge people by the way they type – you should too.” I do form an opinion on their lack of knowing what is considered proper etiquette on the Internet, but “judging” is a big word that changes much of your involvement with them.

    • Sanjoy says:

      im nt pointng mah fingEr @ dose ppl hu drOP a vowl here or dere but at dose who fnd such obsceneties kool nd go out f dere way ta achieve dere koolness.

      Okay, that was the hardest sentence I’ve typed, ever; but my point stands. If you’re contracting contracting to cntrcting in casual IM or Facecebook conversations you’re cool, but if you’re converting converting to konverting, you’re a jerk. dat’s mah view. Note that I did not save a single keystroke in the previous statement.

  2. Ananya says:


  3. Shasmay says:

    It happens a lot to us. I agree, the horrible typing is indeed an extreme aversion. My response do coincide a lot with Sindhu.
    However, in btw i guess the reason involved is the fast interaction. You may not save single keystroke in your comment, but it’s the never as same as it seems. People just wanna interact, in due course they don’t stress on its aptness.
    Although, my observation on typing does agree a lot with you. There really was contrast diffrence btw the guys who typpp and who type, in as you say the other spheres of life.

  4. Twitterholic says:

    Thank you for writing about this! It reminds me of this video I saw on YouTube: Check it out.

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