On why religion is a double standard.

This post may also be titled Why I am an atheist.

Rationality, science and religion are essentially ways we interpret our experiences. Rationality and science are guidelines, which when followed, help us to stay within those very same guidelines. However, the question of whether to follow science (or rationality), whether to actually work on those guidelines, is essentially a non-scientific (irrational) question. Religion, as opposed to science and rationality, takes many forms (and hence makes itself difficult to generalize); but, at the end of the day, it too is a way we interpret our experiences and is, in this regard, no different from science or rationality.

The answer to the obvious question of choosing science in the first place is simple: we already have. The roof above our heads is held together by the laws of classical mechanics; the reason why I’m not panicking my ass out is my belief that the scientific method, in fact, works. Theists harbor a double standard in this respect. They don’t start praying when they notice a weird lump on their cheek – they go and see a doctor. Why do they kiss god’s ass before writing an examination?

It may not be the property of religion, but is it of the scientific method that it applies everywhere and hence is exclusive. Make a choice; choose science or religion. In case you choose the latter, and you get bitten by a salivating dog, pray.

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2 Responses to On why religion is a double standard.

  1. Kunal says:

    “What does a Christian seek but to lose himself in God,” a devout atheist, once said. “To be killed by someone you love strikes me as the epitome of ecstasy.” I read the previous lines somewhere but they are so true.

  2. A crucial difference between science and religion (at least as it was traditionally practiced) seems to be the acceptance of ignorance in science, which was rarely seen in religion. I am in love with the phrase “discovery of ignorance” by Yuval Harari: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_oWanP3_Zo

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