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On Monads, Part II

Recap As promised, we will now talk about how we can exploit the monadic style of programming to: Introduce sequentiality into an programmings environment that lack the concept of time Propagate some hidden data through a sequence of expressions. Last … Continue reading

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Potty trained cow or first monkey shot into space?

Many insights I’ve had into my self have been thanks to me asking myself some rather stupid (and sometimes insulting) questions. Like, how am I any better than a potty trained cow? I think it is important to have an … Continue reading

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Women-only Scholarships

If you want (more) women engineers, do the following: Don’t kill your daughter right after she is born. After successful completion of the previous step, instead of buying her a barbie, buy her a lego kit. The last step is … Continue reading

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On Monads, Part I

Introduction This is the first instalment in two (or maybe three) posts I shall write to explain how Monads work in stateless function-oriented programming languages. This is less intended as a resource for a third party than as a way … Continue reading

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Living In The Present

The sad truth about humanity is that most people would do pretty much anything if they saw enough people doing it. The average Joe crowd-sources his opinions to MTV anchors and resolves his personal issues by methods not very far … Continue reading

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