Young Lust

One of the track in The Wall is Young Lust. Brilliant guitaring apart, the track talks about how the protagonist (Pink) wants a dirty woman and a dirty girl. On a first glance, this looks unlike most other Pink Floyd songs. Why, then, does this track exist?

I think, it is connected to a previous track titled Mother. The movie (album) is about the construction and (later) deconstruction of a metaphorical wall. The wall exists at many different levels (for instance, as the divide between the elite and the starving masses, apparent in What shall we do now); the most basic being the protective wall built around Pink by his mother.

Mother has a line on how Pink’s mother would check all of his girlfriends for him and won’t let anyone dirty get in. Here, Pink wanting a dirty girl signals the beginning of the wall’s destruction.

Pink Floyd amazes me every single time.

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