Movies to make you think, part II

Some less famous movies which I found nice (in no particular order):

  • Waltz With Bashir
  • Annie Hall (maybe not so exotic)
  • Pan’s Labyrinth
  • Teen Kanya (get a version with subtitles if you don’t speak bangla) (edit: to clarify, I’m talking about this movie)
  • Spirited Away (again, maybe not so exotic)
  • Eraserhead (ditto)
  • Begotten
  • Mulholland Dr.
  • Paprika

For the record, the “Part I” of this list is here.

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4 Responses to Movies to make you think, part II

  1. I don’t see too many movies myself, but I think the following German movies were quite good:
    – Ein Freund Von Mir (A Friend of Mine)
    – In den Tag hinein (The Days Between)

    The first movie makes you think. (I haven’t watched any of the movies on the list from the post so I don’t know if our definitions coincide really).

    Das Leben Der Anderen (The Lives of Others) is a popular movie that I would recommend.

  2. Barry Kelly says:

    Waltz with Bashir is mind-numbingly boring unless you actually are interested in middle-eastern politics. It doesn’t warrant top billing 🙂

    Fully with you for Spirited Away and Paprika, Pan’s Labyrinth, Mulholland Drive, Annie Hall. Haven’t seen the others (I tried to watch Eraserhead a couple of times, but never got past the first 15 minutes or so).

  3. Dedwarmo says:

    Waltz With Bashir – check
    Annie Hall – never saw it
    Pan’s Labyrinth – yes, yes.
    Teen Kanya – never saw it
    Spirited Away – check
    Eraserhead – never saw it
    Begotten – never saw it
    Mulholland Dr. – never saw it
    Paprika – never saw it

    Thanks, now I have some new movies in my queue.

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