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Movies to make you think, part II

Some less famous movies which I found nice (in no particular order): Waltz With Bashir Annie Hall (maybe not so exotic) Pan’s Labyrinth Teen Kanya (get a version with subtitles if you don’t speak bangla) (edit: to clarify, I’m talking … Continue reading

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TSA in the sky with diamonds

An anti-drug article [1] was written and published by some IIT Kharagpur students in one of our campus newspapers. I think the article is rubbish and here’s why. I think the article should, in principle, offend any self-respecting individual due … Continue reading

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[Proof] λ→ is normalizing

I studied a proof today that I had been putting off for some time now; that a simply typed lambda calculus is normalizing — every well-typed expression eventually reduces to a value. The proof is quite clever and that the … Continue reading

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Books, movies and music

I graduated out of high school an idiot. I hadn’t read anything, seen anything or heard anything (Everybody anyone?). Now that I’m becoming moderately literate in such things, I think I can make a generalization — the information content (sorry … Continue reading

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Abstraction, Death of Nihilism and The Human Experience

One way of looking at how human beings behave is to talk about our basic desires (food, sex and power) and how they manifest themselves as complex behaviour. The reason the rich guy helped the poor guy is because that … Continue reading

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Young Lust

One of the track in The Wall is Young Lust. Brilliant guitaring apart, the track talks about how the protagonist (Pink) wants a dirty woman and a dirty girl. On a first glance, this looks unlike most other Pink Floyd … Continue reading

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Potty trained cow or first monkey shot into space?

Many insights I’ve had into my self have been thanks to me asking myself some rather stupid (and sometimes insulting) questions. Like, how am I any better than a potty trained cow? I think it is important to have an … Continue reading

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Women-only Scholarships

If you want (more) women engineers, do the following: Don’t kill your daughter right after she is born. After successful completion of the previous step, instead of buying her a barbie, buy her a lego kit. The last step is … Continue reading

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Living In The Present

The sad truth about humanity is that most people would do pretty much anything if they saw enough people doing it. The average Joe crowd-sources his opinions to MTV anchors and resolves his personal issues by methods not very far … Continue reading

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On Abortion.

This is more a question to the reader than an opinion, since I find myself unable to come up with a cogent argument for either side. The two extreme cases are using morning-after pills (the iPill in India, for instance) … Continue reading

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